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17 May
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STAR sharpening offers the best knife sharpening in the San Antonio, Austin and the Hill Country area. STAR will repair broken and chipped knives and re-serrate worn out bread knives.

Star will come to your house and sharpen your knives on site for a minimum of $80.00. The $80.00 service includes the sharpening, but if the sharpening goes beyond $80.00 Star will charge accordingly to the below price list.

STAR is a recommended knife sharpener for the following brands:

Wusthoff, Henckels, Shun, Kikuichi

Standard Knives

$1.00 per inch blade

Minimum 6"

$6.00 minimum per knife

Serrated Knives

$1.25 per inch blade

Minimum 6"

$7.50 minimum per knife

Single Bevel Japanese Knives

$3.00 per inch blade

$18.00 minimum per knife

Ceramic Knives

$2.00 per inch blade

$12.00 minimum charge per knife

Miscellaneous Blades

$2.00 per inch blade

$12.00 minimum


$5.80 Forged Knife

$3.20 Stamped Knife

$5.80 Ceramic Knife

$8.00 Japanese Sushi Knife

$5.50 Edge Blending


Scissors & Shears

Pruning Shears

Hedge Shears




Pinking Shears


Bron Mandolin


All other Mandolins


Food Processors

$2.00 per inch/$15.00 min.

Convex Hair Shears




Cleavers, Axes




Tools requiring Disassembly (Add)


Miscellaneous Restoration (Add)




NOTE: Prices subject to change withour prior notice