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17 May
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Call us or email us today to set up service.

STAR Sharpening addresses more than just dull knives. We restore every blade by not just sharpening but also reshaping, thinning, and even re-serrating as necessary. Star is a full service sharpening company, we will take care of your mandolines, meat slicers, food processor blades, etc...  

Make no mistake what we do is unique.

STAR Knife Sharpening is servicing some of San Antonio's premier restaurants and hotels, such as Brasserie Pavil, Biga on the Banks, Hyatt Regency, Hilton Palacio Del Rio, La Mansion Del Rio, Tre downtown, Fleming's, and many others.

STAR carries a wide variety of knife manufacturers and accessories such as Wusthoff, Henckel, Global, Forschner, Messermeister, Kikuichi, Brieto, Mercer, Chroma, Kasumi, Shun to name a few, knife bags, ceramic steel and other convenient tools. STAR also carries blades for meat slicer and mandolines, bowls, lids and blades for Robot Coupe.

STAR could also outfit your crew with Klogs, one of the top of the line safety shoes manufactured today!!!!!

For your specialized needs, STAR carries Matfer-Bourgeat and World Cuisine.

17 May
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STAR sharpening offers the best knife sharpening in the San Antonio, Austin and the Hill Country area. STAR will repair broken and chipped knives and re-serrate worn out bread knives.

Star will come to your house and sharpen your knives on site for a minimum of $80.00. The $80.00 service includes the sharpening, but if the sharpening goes beyond $80.00 Star will charge accordingly to the below price list.

STAR is a recommended knife sharpener for the following brands:

Wusthoff, Henckels, Shun, Kikuichi

Standard Knives

$1.00 per inch blade

Minimum 6"

$6.00 minimum per knife

Serrated Knives

$1.25 per inch blade

Minimum 6"

$7.50 minimum per knife

Single Bevel Japanese Knives

$3.00 per inch blade

$18.00 minimum per knife

Ceramic Knives

$2.00 per inch blade

$12.00 minimum charge per knife

Miscellaneous Blades

$2.00 per inch blade

$12.00 minimum


$5.80 Forged Knife

$3.20 Stamped Knife

$5.80 Ceramic Knife

$8.00 Japanese Sushi Knife

$5.50 Edge Blending


Scissors & Shears

Pruning Shears

Hedge Shears




Pinking Shears


Bron Mandolin


All other Mandolins


Food Processors

$2.00 per inch/$15.00 min.

Convex Hair Shears




Cleavers, Axes




Tools requiring Disassembly (Add)


Miscellaneous Restoration (Add)




NOTE: Prices subject to change withour prior notice

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