22 Sep

James J. Bocanegra

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You do a great job for us. "A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife"

- James J. Bocanegra, Executive Chef, Hilton Palacio del Rio

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Star Knife Sharpening

Star Knife Sharpening

Dominique Besson, the owner-operator of STAR Sharpening, has deep roots in the food service industry. Born in France, he studied at a culinary school in his native Loire Valley. Then he worked 20 years as a chef, first in Paris and then later in California. He next joined the gourmet kitchenware business where spent 14 years as a sales executive. In 2007, after completing full training with the inventor of the Perfect Edge system, he decided to take his expertise “on the road”.

Currently, he is keeping blades sharp at many fine San Antonio, Austin and Hill Country restaurants, resorts and retail establishments. He periodically appears at certain planned events and also provides mail-order services to prequalified accounts.

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