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Star Knife Sharpening: knife
Different knives different angles. In short if it is a Western made knife such as Wusthoff, Henckels, Sabatier and others,
we will sharpen at 17 degrees primary bevel and add a 20 degrees secondary, if it is a Japanese knife, such as Shun, Global, Kikuichi and others, 17 degrees or thinner. Whatever the knife is, Star will always deliver a Japanese style edge, which we found
being much sharper, easier to maintain and more durable.
Yes, Star sharpening is the recommended knife sharpener for Shun, Kikuichi and other fine brand. Even single bevel sushi knives.

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Very simple we take care of everything!!!! just go online, choose the package you need, we will ship you the box with the packing material, pack your knives (see instruction in the box) put the return label provided on the box, give it to UPS and the next things you know your knives are back very sharp.
Yes, Star specializes in restoring knives, chipped blades, broken tips, bad sharpening, re-serration. Unfortunately Star does not fix handles, replacing/fixing a handle is pretty much the cost of a new knife.
Well, it will depend a lot on you, you need to maintain your knives by honing them (see the downloadable flyer). A Japanese style edge is more polished than a regular edge, and more you polish that edge with a ceramic rod or a soft steel and less resistance you have when cutting, making your edge work less thus last longer, with proper maintenance 9 months to a year. Click here for information on Knife Maintenance
Yes we can, by thinning the back of the teeth, we expose more of the teeth with a thinner edge the knife become sharper. If the teeth are worn out we will recreate a serration.